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Competition Rules

Official Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations:

  • All K9 teams must be pre-registered with the Space Coast Police K9 Competition to participate in the events. Competition will be limited to the first 30 pre-registered teams.

  • All K9 teams will compete in normal working attire and equipment to include: Duty uniform, body armor, duty belt. No weapon or ammunition during obstacle event. Simunition will be provided.

  • K9 can wear whatever equipment is used to deploy during normal deployment (i.e. E-collar, pinch collar etc.).

  • A pre-determined competition running order will be posted before the start of the competition. Any adjustment to the running order may only be approved by the lead judge.

  • All K9 teams will park in the designated parking area located on the southeast side of the stadium. A volunteer will be at the east side entrance to guide you. This parking area will be secured with no public access.

  • There will be several competition judges, including the lead judge. The judges will be identified by red long sleeve shirts. All judges will be current or former K9 handlers.

  • There will also be a safety officer responsible for the simunition portion of the event. The safety officer will be identified by red long sleeve shirt.

  • Penalties will be assessed as described in the event description. Should there be any discrepancies in the scoring the Lead Judge will have the final decision.

  • The obstacle course will be a timed event. An electronic time keeper will be used.

  • In the event of a tie, the competitor without penalties will be awarded the win.

  • This is a timed event. K9 team wit the fastest time, including additional time due to penalties (if applicable) will win. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be awarded on the obstacle course. Only best time will be awarded in Hardest Dog and Fastest Dog.

  • Prior to the designated start time, K9 teams will report to the safety officer located at the staging area with no firearm and no ammunition. K9 Handler will receive simunition gun and magazine loaded with simunition pain marking rounds.

  • K9 team will report to starting line with K9 at heal and attached to the lead. At the command “Go” given by hte judge, the K9 team will traverse the obstacle course.